Become the painter

                             you were meant to be!

Classes offered in St. Ives, Cornwall in 2022.      Contact me, Annie Moore, at 0795 167 5281 or

Finding the Inner Painter

       Process Painting techniques from the art therapy model are used in these classes by instructor Annie Moore to allow students to create a painting in two to three hours. Many in the class will be surprised to find they like their painting so much they have it framed and hangng on display although they have never done this before. Working in a group, whether online or in studio, and following the simple rules set out and modelled by the instructor, students are freed to enter a meditative painting space where they allow their inner voice to emerge. We do not copy anything, nor do we attempt to paint a scene in our heads. We simply choose the colors that are calling us and allow the brush to go where it wants to go. The instructor does not attempt to impose her style or technique as so many art instructors tend to do, whether consciously or subconsciously. All of us have a style just dying to come out on paper. Find yours and you will find your voice that may have gone into hiding for years.